Shin Splints Getting Worse With Rest!

shin splint pain gets worse with rest

Shin splints will not heal as quick if you just rest your legs, the problem resides in the swelling on your muscle and you need to bring the swelling down.

Bring the swelling down!

After bringing the swelling down you then need to compress the sore spots on your leg to stop it swelling up. There are many places online that you can find which offer help with dealing with shin splints or avoiding getting those pains in the first place, we also provide alot of information on this blog so take a look around first as you should find what you need.

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Dont stop with resting!

So remember that rest is not the only factor when it comes to recovering from shin splints as your need to stop the swelling and you can do this by watching the video below.

Compress the pain area caused by shin splints

Once you have reduced the swelling you are going to have to compress the muscle, this will not heal the stop shin splints but it will stop swelling to the area and keep it nice and compact and bring the pain level down some.

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