TheraPearl Shin Wraps Review

TheraPearl Shin Wrap Overview

TheraPearl Hot & Cold Pain Relief

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TheraPearl is a new degree of relief and can be used as a hot or cold pack. The Key Benefits of TheraPearl Technology are: It conforms to your body, it is

The Key Benefits of TheraPearl Technology

It conforms to your body, it is it conforms to your body, it is mess-free, soft on the skin and extremely comfortable, reusable, non-toxic, free of BPA, Lead, Latex and Phthalates.

Why would you use TheraPearl Shin Wraps?

You’ve just finished your morning run and your shins are burning. Maybe it’s those dreaded shin splints or a pulled calf muscle.

It could also be a stress fracture, a tiny bone tear caused by overuse.

These painful conditions often heal over time but you need instant relief. Wrap a soothing TheraPearl Shin Wrap around your lower leg and feel the pain dissipate.

Two adjustable Velcro straps keep it securely in place so you can move freely, and it’s slim enough to wear under pants. The Shin Wrap is ideal for shin splints and stress fractures.

Can TheraPearl be frozen too?

The TheraPearl can be used as a cold pack to help with sprains, bruising, inflammation, muscle strains, pulls and post workout. To use the TheraPearl as a cold pack the pack can be frozen.

When frozen the pearls create the “frozen peas” effect, and off ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility.

What do you get when you buy TheraPearl?
1 x TheraPearl Shin Wrap Hot/Cold Pack
1 x Information Booklet
Pack of 2

Is TheraPearl reusable?
you freeze them or microwave them, depending on whether you want them hot or cold.

Top Customer Reviews

Great Product

By MsLE on 30 Aug. 2016

I’ve been using these for quite a while for my post run aching calves and they are perfect. As the Therapearls are in three pockets they mold well to my calves, with the two straps keeping them nice and secure. I’ve used them both hot and cold, although mostly cold, and they keep the desired temperature well.

Five Stars

By ConeZ on 30 Aug. 2016

Great to use after a run, I was getting sore shin splints and these really helped.

Thera Pearl Shin Splint Relief
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Voted 5 stars by purchasers for shin splint pain relief.

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