Mueller Kinesiology Tape Review

Mueller Kinesiology Tape Review

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High Quality Uncut Waterproof Muscle Support Tape For Pain Relief

How does Mueller KINESIOLOGY tape work?

Fatigued or injured muscles are usually inflamed, which causes muscle fibres to push up against the skin and block the blood circulating between the upper muscle and skin layer, leading to pain.

Works with your skin

After stretching the tape and applying it, the tape will want to contract so it lifts up the skin with it creating space for more blood to flow through. New blood supplies more oxygen to help combat fatigue whilst providing pain relief to soreness, cramps, sprains and other injuries.

The tape is the thinnest and lightest on the market

Mueller Kinesiology Tape is one of the thinnest and lightest kinesiology tapes on the market. It is not pre-cut which means that you can cut it to desired lengths without waste; it also gives you flexibility to use longer strips for maximum effectiveness for areas like the hip flexor.

Works in extreme conditions

Mueller Kinesiology tape is the only tape that survives extreme workouts, such as hours of open-water swimming, surfing, and triathlons.

Price £8.49

How To Apply Kinesiology Tape

Crackdown on Amazon

I go through this stuff on a regular basis thanks to arthritis. I've bought this make of tape from various sources on Amazon before, and at the moment this supplier is by far the best for both price and postage.

I manage to get the actual tape to last longer by using a pre-tape spray; which is basically added adhesive. If you also warm the tape up after it's been put in place, it helps make it extra sticky. I tend to use a hairdryer, then I can rub off the excess pre-spray with cotton wool and water. It takes a bit longer to strap up my knees, but it also lasts that much longer as a result.

In the future I'm going to be more than happy to look to this supplier first.