How to ice shin splints?

Annoyed at shin splint painShin splints are very annoying for any type of athlete, especially runners and football players. No scrap that! they are annoying to anyone who is unlucky to get them. The first thing you should do if running is causing you any discomfort is stop, take time away from running or whatever sport or exercise you are doing and allow your shin splints to heal. They won’t just get better while you keep running.

Ice massages which can help recovery of shin splints

shin-massageYou shouldn’t just sit idle on the sidelines while you recuperate, though. You should try ice massages which can help the recovery. You can use the healing combo of ice and massage to decrease the inflammation around the tibia or more so know as the shin.

Now I after suffering from the pain myself I have tried a number of techniques which I found online and I would like to show you one.

I got the idea from a website called go check it out if you want, it is a great idea or you can stay here and I will show it to you now.

The icing cup for ice massages

Make an icing cupKnow you are going to make what is called an icing cup. Used in gyms and physical therapy athletes have been using icing cups to protect their fingers from freezing and provides a perfectly sized contact point for massaging sore and painful spots.

Find yourself six little cardboard type cups and fill them with water and then freeze them. When it becomes fully iced, you can feel back the paper and begin the massage.

You can purchase the cups from here: Link or a shopping store such as your local Tesco or Asda.

The massage technique

Starting near your foot, place your icing cup on the outside of your shin on what is called the tibialis anterior muscle. Then you want to make long strokes towards your knee, massage the muscle with the pressure that feels good for you.

See the video below

Mix up your massage strokes with small circular patterns and once again start at the ankle and work up to the knee. After five minutes of massaging, finish your 20-minute icing cycle with 15 minutes of static icing by placing an ice pack on your shin.

Ice Sock for Shin SplintsYou can also use the ice sock which can be more convenient when keeping ice over the pain spot on your shinA good start is to aim to ice and massage your shin two times per day.

If you prefer not to use the ice massage to treat your shin splints then there are others ways to avoid shin splints or this page on how to treat shin splints might be helpful to you.