What causes shin splint pain

What causes shin splint pain?

The pain associated with shin splints results from excessive amounts of force on the shin bone and the tissues attaching the shin bone to the muscles surrounding it. The excessive force causes the muscles to swell and increases the pressure against the bone, leading to pain and inflammation.

Shin splints can also result from stress reactions to bone fractures. The constant pounding can cause minute cracks in the bones of the leg. The body can repair the cracks if given time to rest. However, if the body doesn’t get time to rest, the tiny cracks can result in a complete fracture or a stress fracture.

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So who is at risk of getting shin splint pain?

Most of the time shin splints affects anyone who does sports activites of uses the gym excessively. Other people can get shin splints and sometimes the cause is just being unlucky.

Common sports related activities connected to shin splints

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Leg Exercise

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